Cadillac Warning Light Guide

Driving a Cadillac car or SUV can make you feel as excited as a kid on Christmas morning. But if your dashboard is lit up like a Christmas tree, that joy may turn to unease. 

Those lights aren’t there for panic; they let you know when something needs attention so you can drive safely. So whether it’s your ABS indicator or your check engine light, here’s what your car is trying to tell you, including when it’s time for Cadillac service.

Common Cadillac Warning Lights

The information below applies primarily to new Cadillac vehicles; older models that lack some of the advanced features of a newer car may not have the same number and type of warning lights. If you aren’t sure of a light’s meaning, consult your owner’s manual or visit your Highland Cadillac dealership.

White or Green Warning Lights

These lights are an indication that a system is engaged and working properly. Your exterior lights, cruise control, and safety systems like lane keep assist all fall under this category.

Yellow Warning Lights

Here, a bit of caution is called for. It’s a warning that attention is needed soon, but that you’re safe to drive in the meantime. Your washer fluid, gasoline, or tire pressure may be low, for instance, while your check engine light is usually an indication that your gas cap is loose, that your ECU is having problems communicating with one or more systems, or that your emissions require attention.

Red Warning Lights

Red warning lights are a sign of an urgent problem. Pedestrian detection flashes red, and lets you know to slow the vehicle. If your Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) light is on while driving, find a safe place to pull over and turn the car off, then back on; if it’s still on at that point, visit your nearest Cadillac service center. Your engine temperature light lets you know your engine is in imminent danger of overheating. Other indicators, for your seatbelts, airbags, battery, and oil, should be given prompt attention as well.

Getting Cadillac Service

Many of these lights will show momentarily when you first start your vehicle. That’s actually a good thing, since it lets you know those systems are being monitored. But if they stay lit or illuminate during your drive, don’t take your chances; call LaFontaine Cadillac (or your nearest dealership) for service. Our goal is to ensure your drive is as safe, sound, and enjoyable as you deserve.

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