Importance of Certified Cadillac Service

It’s hard to beat the feeling of taking home a brand-new Cadillac. But with the thrill of owning your new luxury car also comes the responsibility to take good care of it. That’s why you should make routine visits to our team of experts at our Cadillac service center.

Here at LaFontaine Cadillac, we’re proud to offer certified service for your Cadillac car, giving you a reliable home base for all of your maintenance needs.

Why is Routine Service So Important?

When you drive off of the lot in your sleek new luxury car, you’ll find your owner’s manual inside the cabin. And when you take a look at the service schedule, you may be a bit tempted to put off some of your essential maintenance appointments.

However, keeping up with your service schedule is one of the most important aspects of owning a car. For example, if you put off getting oil changes, then your engine could experience premature wear, leading to expensive repairs. Not only will your car be at risk of breaking down, but you’ll also notice worse performance and diminished fuel economy before it happens.

Keeping up with each service allows each part of your car to work smoothly while reducing your chances of needing repairs, giving you more peace of mind and a better time behind the wheel.

Our Service Center

Whether you’re visiting us for routine maintenance or for repairs, the team at our Highland Cadillac service center is ready to get the job done right. We only staff certified Cadillac technicians and use the latest equipment to take excellent care of your vehicle.

We also perform repairs with OEM Cadillac parts to ensure your car is fitted with only the most reliable parts. And thanks to our quality facilities highly trained technicians, you can expect to get your car back in great condition without delay.

Be sure to check our Cadillac service specials to see how you can save while you care for your luxury car. Schedule your service appointment with us today to keep your car driving like new!