Is It Acceptable to Negotiate a Cadillac Lease?

If you want to get a new vehicle like a Cadillac Escalade or a Cadillac XT4, you may want to consider leasing. Leasing provides some admirable benefits, such as flexibility.

When you work with the experts in our Cadillac financing center to secure a Cadillac lease, you’ll quickly realize your relatively short-term contract gives you the chance to get a new vehicle with the latest features every few years.

Negotiating Tips

When you reach out to our Highland, MI Cadillac dealership, you may be wondering if it’s ok

ay to negotiate a Cadillac lease. Negotiating is an acceptable practice and we enjoy the back-and-forth that negotiating usually entails.

The key to being a successful negotiator is to know what can and cannot be negotiated in a Cadillac lease. For example, you can negotiate the mileage allowance in your contract. “Mile allowance” refers to the number of miles you can drive your leased car every year without getting slapped with a penalty when your contract expires.

As you look through our Cadillac specials, you’ll see that each offer includes a mileage allowance. If you see an offer that appeals to you but know you’ll drive more than the stated allowance, you can try to negotiate a higher limit.

“Rent charge” and “money factor” are synonymous, and they refer to a rate that’s similar to the interest rate included in an auto loan. While you can’t negotiate the money factor, you can research what other dealerships are offering and make sure the rent charge in your contract is in line with other offers.

We’ll Work with You

We encourage you to look through the latest Cadillac models on our lot so you can find a luxury vehicle that’s worth negotiating for. Once you find the premium ride you want to lease, we’ll work with you to come up with a lease that’s mutually beneficial.

If you think your contract’s capitalized cost is too high, we’ll help you lower it by arranging for a larger down payment or by purchasing your current automobile and applying the proceeds to your lease.

Head over to LaFontaine Cadillac to negotiate with Cadillac dealers you can trust. We look forward to seeing you soon!