Seamless Cadillac Financing

Luxury motorists often show up to car dealerships excited to check out their next thrilling ride, but can quickly start scratching their heads when they start the financing process. Thankfully, you’ll get the help of our Cadillac financing team here at LaFontaine Cadillac during your car search.

To help you prepare for your car loan application, we’ve compiled some essential financing terms for you to get familiar with.
Common Financing Terms
Credit Score: The numerical value that represents your history of taking on and paying back debt. A high credit score makes it easier to get a car loan approved and results in lower rates.

Interest: The fee you pay to take out a car loan, which is represented as a percentage of the amount you will pay for the car.

Term: The amount of time you will be paying back your loan. The longer your term is, the more affordable your monthly payments will be.
However, shorter terms tend to get lower interest rates.
Lease: A financing process that involves making payments to drive a new car without having to make a purchase.
Rebate: An incentive to make a purchase or sign a lease, such as requiring no money down or offering cashback.
Trade-In: The process of selling your car to a dealership and using its value to reduce the cost of the car you will buy from that dealership.

Our Financing Center

Here at our Highland Cadillac dealership, we are dedicated to making your car financing process as stress-free as possible. You can even get a solid start on much of the process by using our online tools, such as our payment calculator, Kelley Blue Book Cash Offer portal, and online application.

In fact, you can get pre-approved for financing online in minutes and visit our dealership ready to purchase a new Cadillac car. But if you run into any issues, our team is here to guide you to success.

Even if you have credit problems, we can find a lender that will approve your car loan at a favorable rate. Visit our dealership today to get your car loan approved and to test drive the luxury car of your dreams!