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Cadillac All-Wheel Alignment Service in Highland Charter Township, MI

Enjoy an excellent performance from your all-wheel-drive Cadillac. At LaFontaine Cadillac, we provide Cadillac certified all-wheel alignment service right here in the Highland Charter Township, MI area. Discover what makes us the preferred service center choice for so many area Cadillac drivers.

Cadillac All-Wheel Alignment Service

Your Cadillac all-wheel drive vehicle is designed to deliver excellent performance in all weather conditions. To ensure that your Cadillac continues to perform at a high level, it will require an all-wheel alignment service. Our factory-trained technicians have the unique expertise to deliver prompt all-wheel alignment service that returns your Cadillac to you without delay. This important service is recommended every 12,000 miles. Discover the excellent benefits that our all-wheel alignment service offers today.


How An All-Wheel-Alignment Service Differs From a Two-Wheel-Alignment Service

With an all-wheel-alignment service, all four wheels of the vehicle are returned to their original alignment using precision instruments at our state-of-the-art facility. This differs from two-wheel alignment services that will only service the alignment of rear wheels on a rear-wheel-drive vehicle and the front wheels of a front-wheel-drive vehicle.


Signs That Your Vehicle Requires Wheel Alignment Services

Make sure you understand the important signs that your vehicle requires an all-wheel-alignment service. Here are the clear indicators that you should look out for:


  • The steering wheel is not centered – If the steering wheel is not correctly centered, then there is a clear issue with the vehicle’s alignment.
  • The vehicle pulls to one side – Also, notice if the vehicle pulls to one side, then the alignment may be due for service.
  • Abnormal tire wear – Poor alignment may also cause abnormal wear on one or more tires.
  • The handling feels loose – Finally, be sure to look for any loose feel when turning or steering the vehicle.


If you notice one or more of these issues with your vehicle, then please be sure to schedule your service with us as soon as possible.


Leading Service Center Amenities

We are always ready to provide you with a first-class service center experience. While you are with us, relax and enjoy top programming on our high-definition TVs. If you enjoy catching up on current events, we encourage you to browse through our magazines and newspapers. Finally, we have an excellent selection of snacks and refreshments to enjoy at our on-site vending machines.


Cadillac Four-Wheel Alignment Service


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Enjoy better performance for our Cadillac-certified all-wheel-drive alignment service at LaFontaine Cadillac. We are conveniently located for drivers from around the Highland Charter Township, Milford, White Lake Charter Township, Milford Charter Township, and Hartland, MI region. We can schedule your appointment online or by phone.


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