Cadillac Transmission Fluid Exchange Service at LaFontaine Cadillac

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Transmission Fluid Exchange Service at LaFontaine Cadillac

Your Cadillac is engineered to provide you with smooth transmission performance. Maintain that top driving experience with our transmission fluid exchange service from LaFontaine Cadillac. We offer certified care for all Cadillac luxury cars and SUVs. Be sure to visit us today if you are located in the Highland Charter Township, Milford, White Lake Charter Township, Milford Charter Township, or Hartland, MI region.

Cadillac Transmission Fluid Exchange Service

A vehicle’s transmission is responsible for its shifting performance. To protect the moving parts of a transmission system, your vehicle must maintain a healthy amount of clean transmission fluid. Over time, that transmission fluid may lose its protective properties or may become depleted due to a transmission leak. That’s why we recommend transmission fluid exchange service every 30,000 to 60,000 miles. Our service center provides Cadillac-certified transmission fluid service to protect your vehicle’s shifting performance for years to come.


Cadillac-Trained Technicians

Trust the area experts who truly understand your luxury vehicle when it comes to your Cadillac transmission. Cadillac trains each one of our service center technicians. They have the unique expertise to deliver certified service for your Cadillac. This high level of service will deliver lasting performance and protection for your luxury vehicle.


Signs That Your Vehicle Requires Transmission Fluid Exchange Service

Not sure when your vehicle may require transmission fluid service? Here’s a look at the top warning signs of old or depleted transmission fluid:


  • Roaring sounds when turning corners – Strained sounds as a vehicle turns a corner usually indicate transmission issues.
  • Difficulty shifting – Your vehicle should be serviced right away if you have difficulty shifting.
  • Reddish-brown puddle – A reddish-brown puddle is a clear sign of a transmission leak.
  • Warning light – Also, look for a warning light indicator on your dashboard. This could be caused by low or old transmission fluid.


Our Cadillac Service Center Amenities in Highland Charter Township, MI

We are proud to be the preferred service center location for so many area Cadillac drivers. We’d like to show you what makes us such a popular choice. Relax in our comfortable guest lounge and enjoy programming on our high-definition TVs when you visit us. We also have popular snacks and drinks available at our vending machines. Love to read? Enjoy our fine selection of newspapers and magazines. We are committed to always delivering a top service center experience.


Cadillac Transmission Fluid Exchange Service


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Schedule transmission fluid exchange service at LaFontaine Cadillac today. You may set your appointment through our online schedule page or over the phone. To ensure that you secure your preferred time, schedule your appointment as soon as possible.


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