What’s The Best Way to Finance a Cadillac Lease Buyout?

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As the prices of vehicles increase, the number of customers signing Cadillac leases instead of straight-up cash increases as well. If you’ve reached the end of your lease period and want to continue owning your vehicle, you might want to consider a lease buyout at our finance center. To learn all about lease buyouts and how they work, keep reading or visit LaFontaine Cadillac today.

What Are Lease Buyouts?

Once you’ve come to the end of your lease, you’ll have the option of a lease buyout – simply put, this is an outright purchase of the vehicle with the price adjusted depending on how much you’ve paid during the lease period. Not every lease comes with a lease buyout option, so it’s important that you talk with our Cadillac finance experts to negotiate the deal you desire.

The lease buyout price is determined based on the car’s residual value – this amount is set at the time you sign the original lease. It’s possible that your car’s true value at the end of the lease is either higher or lower, so it’s important to consider this in your decision as well.

How Do I Finance a Lease Buyout?

While it’s possible to pay for a lease buyout in cash, you’ll likely need to get some sort of outside financing in order to afford the full cost depending on which Cadillac model you’re looking at. Be sure to compare all of your options in order to find the best possible terms and rates for your financial situation.

Once you’ve decided to go with a lease buyout, you can head to our finance center for additional assistance. After comparing options and finding the best rate, you can apply for financing and get the lease buyout underway.

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If you have any questions concerning lease buyouts or any other financial process, the finance team at our Highland Charter Township, MI Cadillac dealership can help you out. We also offer financial applications directly through our website so you can easily see if you qualify. Come see us today for more information!